Please write your questions or trouble information for the app.
Firas says:
2017/01/11 14:34 / sportsboard / Iphone6 / Ios8
I need your email address for a business opportunity where You integrate the service in my app Thanks
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/01/11 14:41
My email address is Please feel free to contact me.
TAKU says:
2017/01/10 10:43 / sportsboard / / Android4.4
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/01/11 14:40
sato7 says:
2016/11/25 09:13 / sportsboard / asus / android5.0
バドミントンボードがruntimeエラーがアップデート後に出るようになりました。 アプリが起動できなくなりました。 エラー内容はメールしましたので対応お願いしたい次第です。
henk says:
2016/10/04 13:06 / sportsboard / laptop /
hi, i would like to use the app (field hockey) on my labtop computer, coz i have RSI from using mobile devices too much :-(. but it seems not to be possible.. or am i looking wrong or missing somehting and is it possible to download the app on my labtop?
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/10/04 21:35
Thank you using my app. You can use download function only on the mobile phone. Not support on PC, Sorry.
Xavi says:
2016/09/28 17:38 / sportsboard / Ipad / iOS9
i can't watch my user from my web browser (chrome, firefox, etc). My user id is TOP / USER ID : 419208BE. Thanks
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/09/29 12:15
Did you share "public" mode? If you want to see on PC, Please use public share.
Felipe Alvares de Azevedo Macedo says:
2016/09/22 09:23 / sportsboard / Motorola Moto xt1058 / Android 5.1
Hello, I have bought the app in the play store, however when I try to download the play from mokyn's website, it just doesn't work! Please fix it.... Because my coach uses this app a lot! Thanks, Felipe Macedo
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/09/29 12:07
Thank you for using my app. What sports do you use? Please more detail. Also, How to use is here. please check it.
Felipe Alvares de Azevedo Macedo says:
2017/02/01 21:53
Sorry about the late delay, I am using the android basketball app. I saw the video you sent me, it explains that I should go to the webpage, select a game, the play I want, and press the download button. That is exactly what I've been doing, but without success.
Bram says:
2016/09/14 14:08 / sportsboard / samsung s5 / android
Is it possible to copy and gameplay to your computer so it can be projected in pre match briefings ?
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/09/14 14:39
Please upload data to WEB and see on your browser.
Green says:
2016/09/14 03:56 / sportsboard / LG G5 / 4.4
Getting a DB error when looking at plays or trying to load my own.
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/09/14 11:43
Sorry, Server was downed. Now Server has restarted. Please check.
Boss says:
2016/09/14 00:36 / sportsboard / Xperia /
プロチームのアシスタントコーチです 選手とともに私がこのアプリで作ったものを共有しているのですが、いままで共有したものも、これから私が作って共有しようとしているものも、DB open errorと表示され見られなくなっています 原因があれば教えてください 宜しくお願い致します
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/09/14 03:18
2016/09/14 07:45
御検証ありがとうございます お世話になり、大事なアプリですので早い復旧を期待しております 宜しくお願い致します
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/09/14 11:42
Mohammad Taghavi says:
2016/08/30 16:03 / sportsboard / Iphone /
Hi Dear I am a sport journalist and football coach and recentely i am analysing English Premier Leage for BBC Persian website.i would like to use your app in any article in BBC Persian Website with mention of your app detailse as well. Please let me know if you aggree with this matter. Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you This is my email address
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/08/31 10:22
Thank you for using my app. I send email to your address. please check it.
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/08/31 21:05
Also, My answer is OK! I'm very happy for using my app. If you have problem or request,please send me. I'll try to fix.
Ric says:
2016/08/19 10:25 / sportsboard / Samsung Galaxy tab S /
I paid twice for this app.I have bought roller hockey board but I can't save my movements. There isn't the option Can you help me please? Thanks
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/08/22 12:09
Thank you for using my app! Please look at the following video. It's how to use. ->
Clara says:
2016/06/20 17:46 / sportsboard / Ipad / Ios9
Hey there will be the sports board app for roll hockey for apple device
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/06/21 14:14
Sorry, Apple don't allow similar app any more.
けい says:
2016/04/30 22:57 / sportsboard / Xperia Z3 / Android4.4
フットサルボードを使っています。 アップロードしたデータを削除できますか? できるのなら方法がわかりません。
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/05/01 00:54
まず設定画面から「DATA LIST on WEB」で内部ブラウザを開きます。該当データのページを開くと、下の方に「delete」ボタンがあります。こちらを押すと削除できます。
miku says:
2016/03/03 09:23 / sportsboard / docomo Xperia / Android
はじめまして。 フットサル作戦盤として利用させていただいております。 本日、アップロードしようとしたら、『DB OPEN ERROR』との表示が出ました。 尚、スマホでもPCでも、トップページのこちら は開けますが、 フットサル以外のカテゴリにアクセスしても、『DB OPEN ERROR』との表示が出ますが、 不具合か何かでしょうか? お手数かけますが宜しくお願いします。
miku says:
2016/03/03 09:54
Kevin Bosse says:
2016/02/25 23:24 / sportsboard / Tablet / Android
To everyone that states they cannot upload their plays. Please be advised that the YouTube video that you are referred to does not represent the latest version of the application. The way you upload your plays is as follows: 1. Save your play in the Data List 2. Go to the Data List 3. Swipe right on the Play on the Data List that you wish to upload 4. At the bottom you will now have 4 buttons with the instructions, "Save", "Load", "Share", "Delete". 5. Select "Share" 6. Select whether you want the play to be Publicly shared or Limited Sharing That should do it. After it finishes uploading, a browser window will open and you will be directed to the location of your plays. You should bookmark this for future reference. Hope this helps. Thanks for making this program and providing a means for sharing the plays! -Kevin
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/03/01 13:53
Thank you for your help! I'm very glad!
うまいまい says:
2016/02/21 15:48 / mixi / iPhone4s / iOS8.4
ちょこっとmixiでログインできなくなりました。 だいぶ前から、3G環境下ではログインできなくなっていたのですが、ここ3日ほどは、wi-fi環境下でもログインできません。 safariでログインしてもダメでした。 長い間お世話になったし、ここらが潮時かな・・とも思うのですが・・公式で見るのはやはり不満があるので、対応していただけると幸いです<(_ _)>
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/02/23 01:46
Joseph Hii says:
2016/02/19 09:54 / sportsboard / Samsung Note 3 / Android 5.0
Here is the latest one. But it's still not working. Please help.
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/02/19 12:02
Hello, Thank you for using my app. I checked your data, and It looks like your data is broken. Perhaps, upload was failed. Please retry upload with stable network (ex. WiFi). Thanks.
Joseph Hii says:
2016/02/19 22:27
Hello. Thanks for the prompt reply. I did upload it again just now via a different wifi and it's still not working. I think there is something incorrect or bugs in the complex data I created. It may not be compatible to your Website. I have successfully uploaded a simple data with the same wifi and it worked. Okay I have to redo the data for the method of Net-Clear later. Cheers Joseph.
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/02/21 00:13
Thank you for your information. If you failed again, please tell me more detail to e-mail . I will fix the bug.
Joseph Hii says:
2016/02/19 05:23 / sportsboard / Samsung Note 3 / Android 5.0
Hello I have uploaded my first badminton board about praticing Net and Clear, from my Samsung Note 3 using Android 5.0. But there is an error message, "JSON PERSE ERROR", on your badminton board database website. The board cannot be displayed or downloaded. Please fix it. Kind regards Joseph
43KA says:
2016/02/10 08:39 / sportsboard / XPERIA Z5 / android5.1.1
フットサルボードを使用しています。 アンドロイドスマホでリストを作成し、リミテッドでシェアしました。他のスマートホンやPCから、当該アドレスにアクセスしても、リストがゼロと表示され見ることができません。 リストを作成したスマホからは、閲覧可能です。シェアの仕方を教えて下さい。
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/02/11 10:29
Sean says:
2016/02/02 21:10 / sportsboard / iPhone 5 / iOS
Hi - so I purchased the app thinking new screens would appear, but I don't have the upload or save panels. When I check my user ID there's no videos - E3E6E70B. This is really frustrating, I've spent money plus over an hour trying to work this out!!!
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2016/02/04 13:28
Hello, you can use upload and save with no money. Please check this movie. This is how to use. ->
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