Please write your questions or trouble information for the app.
Kiyoshi says:
2017/09/27 20:32 / sportsboard / iPhone6s / iOS11
Please update this wonderful app as soon as possible. Trank you!
Remco nijboer says:
2017/09/24 19:06 / sportsboard / iPhone 6s / iOS 11
Please update BOARD for iOS 11
memogar says:
2017/09/22 14:46 / mixi / Iphone 6s / iOS 11
Please update for iOS 11
ponta says:
2017/09/22 10:03 / sportsboard / /
Guerino says:
2017/09/21 11:34 / sportsboard / Iphone6 plus / iOS 11
Hallo, upgrading firmware for ios11 required please...
Yuma says:
2017/09/21 00:39 / sportsboard / iphone6s / ios11
ios11にして、開けなくなってしまいました。 デベロッパーによる、アップデートが必要とのことです、よろしくお願いします
Frank says:
2017/09/20 19:11 / sportsboard / / iOS 11
Do you update your apps for IOS 11 ??
Bojan says:
2017/07/19 12:45 / sportsboard / Laptop / Windows 8
Can we expect some similar platform for laptop computers? Thanks
Andre says:
2017/06/22 06:31 / sportsboard / Iphone 6 / 10 > 11
Hello, app (field hockey board) not supported in ios 11 (64 bit). Can we expect an update before apple is launching ios 11.
Michael says:
2017/04/03 13:13 / sportsboard / /
I can wait a minute and do not get a copy button to see. This is all...
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/04/05 21:47
Thank you for your information. How do you do copy and paste always? Copy and paste is android OS function. so you can do the same as always.
Michael says:
2017/04/06 07:04
Normally yes, but in your app does not work the copy function as you see. I can only mark the text so it should be a problem for the app?!
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/04/06 14:32
Thank you for your information. It's great helpful. Depending on the combination of OS and device, there may be a problem. I will add copy and paste button to solve this problem. sorry, wait for a few days.
Michael says:
2017/04/07 06:06
Thank you no problem, I have 2 different devices with the app and since I this app have also already had different firmware versions on the devices (Updates). The problem has existed for some time. I have Samsung Tab S; Samsung Galaxy S4, S6 edge. With OS Android 4-6
Michael says:
2017/05/03 09:38
Hey, you've already come to fix the problem
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/05/04 02:01
Sorry for waiting. Now I upload new version. Please update.
Michael says:
2017/03/31 06:24 / sportsboard / / Android 6.0.1
Thanks for your update, but it has only solved half the problem. I am able to mark the link, but there is no button with copy function
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/03/31 14:01
Select text and wait for a few second. menu will pop up and you can select copy function.
Michael says:
2017/03/28 06:33 / sportsboard / /
Thank you very much
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/03/31 03:45
fixed bug and released. please update and retry. thanks.
Michael says:
2017/03/24 05:45 / sportsboard / /
Here are the 2 links with the videos of the problem
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/03/27 14:44
Hello,Thank you for your information. You right. It's my app bug. I have not noticed this bug. I will fix as soon as possible.thanks.
Michael says:
2017/03/01 14:04 / sportsboard / /
What do you mean exactly? The problem is that you can not send your saved team tactics as others can. In my team, each player has installed Sportsboard. If I have created a new tactic and load it into the limited web, I can not copy the link and send it to my team via a messager so that you can download the new Takik and save it locally.
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/03/01 14:15
If you have android, you have to do the follow step. (1) show link on the Chrome browser. (2) copy URL (3) open SportsBoard app. (4) config -> DOWNLOAD DATA (5) select URL text, delete and paste. push done key on the keyboard (6) open tactics page (7) push download button in the tactics page.
Michael says:
2017/03/15 07:02
I know how that goes. But exactly here is the problem. I can not copy the URL. When I try to copy the URL, the URL is deleted as soon as I go into the URL-line.
Michael says:
2017/03/15 07:03
Is it possible to send you a small video of the problem?
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/03/17 14:16
Please upload your video to the video service site (for example, Youtube, Vimeo). And Send your URL to my e-mail ( thanks.
Michael says:
2017/02/24 12:20 / sportsboard / Galaxy S6 edge / Android 6.0.1
Hello it is possible to integrate a button with which you can forward the stored team tactics directly to the team in "Data LIST on Web (Limited)" as a link via Whats app to his team. Every time you click on the link in the link, it disappears and you can not copy it. (SportsBoard Handball)
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/02/25 13:26
Thank you for your request. Please more detail information. I don't know WhatsApp detail, Can you share the URL link with Whats App?
Peter Crook says:
2017/02/22 11:04 / sportsboard / /
Hi, Possible Buisness opportunity for you to work with us, on integrating a field hockey session design tool into our website? Please get in touch with me. Please can i have some contact details. Thanks
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/02/23 11:30
Thank you for your message. Please use my app. If you want my help, please send e-mail "". thanks.
Sandro says:
2017/02/08 09:22 / sportsboard / Samsung s4mini / Android 4.4.2
Hallo, since latest release the badmintonboard app keeps crashing on startup with runtime-Error: not found. Could you please fix it, since it was definitely the best Badminton board app in the market! Thanks
Rob says:
2017/02/08 12:42
We get the same error on a brand new tablet. I hope it will be solved soon. agry its the best Thanks !!!!
Sandro says:
2017/02/15 20:58
Rollback to version 2.8 helps. Still fix would be very appreciated.
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/02/20 15:04
I updated Badminton Board (V3.1) . please try it.
Mrheaddie says:
2017/01/26 06:15 / sportsboard / Ipad / Ios 10.2
Handball When choosing a handball HALF court the players do not follow the half court position. The players' numbers will still be in the full court positions- looks "funny" disturbing. Could you have alook at it and possibly change this disturbing bug Thanks
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/01/29 01:10
Thank you for your request. I examined that specification before. but when change half and change full court again, piece can't return to the original position. for that reason, I adobt the current specification.
JDubya says:
2017/01/24 17:53 / sportsboard / web / n/a
We received a link from our coach, but when we click on it, we just get a somewhat blank SportsBoard web site. The link is: Can you take a quick look and let me know how to resolve this? Thanks!
JDubya says:
2017/01/24 20:00
We figured it out. Thanks!
AS says:
2017/01/22 14:10 / sportsboard / Laptop /
Hi, Can this be used on a laptop? Be good to be able to transfer information between phone and laptop and then even embed in presentations. Thanks
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/01/23 13:45
Thank you for request. Now my app does not run on PC. Please use Web application (play only, can't record)
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