Please write your questions or trouble information for the app.
Michael Meyer says:
2018/12/01 13:51 / sportsboard / Samsung S7 / Android 8.0.0
hello would it be possible to install a search filter to find the locally stored data faster? At the moment you have to scoop in the list until you find the saved video what you saved. But with a search function where you enter the name of the filename, it would go much faster.
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2018/12/06 13:18
Thank you for your information. Now My app don't have search filter. Your request is very helpful. I strive to be implemented
Michael Meyer says:
2018/12/07 16:17
Thank you!!! Nice
Kay says:
2018/08/31 04:29 / sportsboard / iPhone X / iOS11
テニスのプレーヤーは最大2対2なので、毎回プレイヤー数を5人から変更しなければいけないのが面倒です。 以前のテニスボードと同じ様にデフォルトをダブルスにして欲しいです。 よろしくお願いします。
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2018/08/31 04:40
Nicorigno says:
2018/08/26 14:08 / sportsboard / Samsung S5 / Android
Hello, i have a problem today to connect to my data list on web. It looks like this : DB OPEN ERROR Thanks for your answer best regards NR
James says:
2017/11/30 08:47 / sportsboard / iPad Pro / iOS11
Could you please update the app so it can be used with this platform?
Lubain says:
2018/01/08 13:17
Do you have any precise idea of when do you target to release the new version compatible to iOS 11 ? "Soon" is good. but "end of Jan" or "beginning of March" would be much better ^_^ Thanks, Lubain
Gabriel says:
2017/11/12 15:49 / sportsboard / Samsung Note 8 / Android 7.7.1
how do I back up the information
Gabriel says:
2017/11/12 15:58
Good afternoon, I contacted you because I need to change the smart phone where I have installed the application and can not find the way to pass all the information stored in the old equipment to be able to pass it to the new one or if there is another way to do it. I would appreciate if you help me with this topic, I am from Argentina. Thank you very much.
ruben says:
2018/01/04 14:33
Finnaly could you load the old data?
Jasmin Medjedovic says:
2017/11/11 08:45 / sportsboard / Iphone / iOS11
Hello You as the app's developer need to update the Soccer (Soccer) Board Free app to work with iOS11 and the future Aplle software updates. The app is one of the best and I think you should update your app now greetings Jasmin medjedovic Sweden
Sumer says:
2017/11/10 22:45 / sportsboard / İphone / iOS 11
I am completely in shock. After updating to App for İOS 11, all my Records are deleted. I just download your app update. I couldnt believe it. How is possible? I am so angry, I had nearly 90 tactical records on my phone. Tell me that is possible to come back my records. Otherwise, its going to be messy.....
MOKYN (作者/Author) says:
2017/11/10 23:36
Thank you for using my app. and I'm very sorry. for support iOS11, I can not maintain compatibility. It's very difficult to recover old data. I am terribly sorry
Sumer says:
2017/11/11 19:01
This anwer not makes me feel better. Unfortunately, dont wait accept your apologize from me. You have to think about it before your upgrade or try to fix it now !!!!!!!!!
Qtato says:
2017/11/06 08:52 / sportsboard / iphone6S / iOS11
iOS11にアップデートしたら使用できなくなりました。 今後アプリの対応をする予定はありますか?
Tommy says:
2017/11/04 12:39 / sportsboard / iPhone6 / iOS11
This is a perfect tool - hope mokyn will release a update to run this app for iOS11 - many thanks in advance
memogar says:
2017/10/31 03:43 / sportsboard / Iphone 8 iOS 11 / iOS 11
Please update the app. for iOS 11 as soon as possible.
Yoko says:
2017/10/30 11:22 / sportsboard / IPad Pro / IOS11
Leandro says:
2017/10/29 22:42 / sportsboard / iPad / iOS 11.0.3
Please release the Roller Hockey version for iOS Great job
Sumer says:
2017/10/25 18:46 / sportsboard / iPhone / iOS 11
Please update the app. for iOS 11 as soon as possible.
Juan Nava says:
2017/10/12 20:06 / sportsboard / Ipad / iOS 11
Actualización por favor
Tonatiuh Barretto says:
2017/10/09 19:05 / sportsboard / iPad / iOS11
This app is great and yet, has not been updated for multiple releases of iOS. The app is paid for, and yet we do not get any updates to optimize for iOS, when will this be done?
dai says:
2017/10/07 11:10 / sportsboard / iPad Air / iOS11
Kiyoshi says:
2017/09/27 20:32 / sportsboard / iPhone6s / iOS11
Please update this wonderful app as soon as possible. Trank you!
Remco nijboer says:
2017/09/24 19:06 / sportsboard / iPhone 6s / iOS 11
Please update BOARD for iOS 11
memogar says:
2017/09/22 14:46 / mixi / Iphone 6s / iOS 11
Please update for iOS 11
ponta says:
2017/09/22 10:03 / sportsboard / /
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